HydraLIST Select™ Stocklisting Software

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Hydratec's stocklisting programs have been industry leaders for more than twenty years. HydraLIST has been in use by fabricators and contractors the world over. No other package has as much flexibility or as much use in the field.

Compatible with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Hydratec™ offers the most complete and integrated stocklisting package available.



Hydratec™ is proud of our training philosophy. We train only one company at a time and charge per instructor, not per student, so can have us train as many of your people as you like (within reason, naturally) without worrying about huge training costs. In addition, only Hydratec will come and train you at your office, or you can come here if you feel like getting away from the office.

Earn 0.1 CEU per contact hour.

Training at a customer site may take up to 10 weeks to schedule. Training at our office usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to schedule.

Training is available at either customer’s office or ours. Cost is $600 for one day plus travel related expenses. Additional days are $500 each. All days at our office at $400 per day.
Suggested days of training: 1 day

Required Hardware (minimum)

1+ GHz Pentium
15 inch monitor
USB Port (required)
1 50 Mb available on hard drive
Windows compatible printer
Internet Connection

Recommended Label Printers

Zebra Z400M Standard Printer  (low volume  - 8000 labels per day)
Zebra 105SL Standard Printer (high volume - no limit to number of labels per day)

Labels are Z-Ultimate 3000 - 4" x 1.5" - Part Number 71135I
Ribbon - Performance 5095 Resin Ribbon Black

For more information, contact Mr. Robert Kravitz at PEAK Technologies, Inc.


Description Price Support/Updates
First HydraLIST™ - Head Selector and Valve Selector included $3000 $45/month - Updates and Support
$22.50/month - Updates only
Additional copies of HydraLIST $1500 No Additional Charge

*$100 shipping charge added to orders outside of the United States ($50 to Canada)

Support and Updates

Hydratec's support plan is the strongest in the industry. You have the choice of full support or updates only support. The support and updates plan includes all upgrades for that product for the platform you purchased.

The full plan also includes phone and email support. Minor and major upgrades are available 24 hours a day on this Website. Our support technicians are sprinkler designers or the actual programmers of the software and will respond promptly to your problems. Our support price does not go up when you add additional systems.

To view a complete list of HydraCAD Support Policies, click here

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Line Printout  Make-On Material Pick Sheet Weld Sketch
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