HydraCAD-R™ Residential Fire Sprinkler Design Software

Residential Sprinkler Design couldn't be easier!

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HydraCAD-R™ is a complete solution specifically created for the residential fire sprinkler market. It can be used to design, hydraulically analyze, material list and price residential sprinkler systems. HydraCAD-R represents the application of 40 years of experience in the development of software for the fire sprinkler industry.

Instead of using dozens of generic drafting commands, HydraCAD-R provides virtually all of the tools necessary to design residential sprinkler systems. HydraCAD-R allows you to design with fewer than a dozen powerful commands.

HydraCAD-R™ for AutoCAD. This version acts as an add-on to AutoCAD™ in a manner similar to HydraCAD. AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD 2013 are supported on 32-bit operating systems. AutoCAD 2014 and 2015 are suported on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 360 are not supported.



    Hydraulic Analysis:

    Material Listing:

Typical Process: (click to view close up)

1. Insert Building Background    
  2. Draw System Riser  
    3. Place Plumbing Fixtures
      4. Select and Insert Sprinklers
    5. Draw System Piping  
6. Choose Calculation Method    
7. Automatically place Hydraulic Reference Points      
  8 Instruct HydraCAD-R to Perform all Necessary Hydraulic Calculations    
    9. Instruct HydraCAD-R to Produce a Complete List of Materials  


Hydratec™ is proud of our training philosophy. We train only one company at a time and charge per instructor, not per student, so can have us train as many of your people as you like (within reason, naturally) without worrying about huge training costs. In addition, only Hydratec will come and train you at your office, or you can come here if you feel like getting away from the office.

Earn 0.1 CEU per contact hour.

Training at a customer site may take 6 weeks to schedule. Training at our office usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to schedule.

Training is available at either customer’s office or ours. Cost is $600 for one day plus travel related expenses. Additional days are $500 each. All days at our office at $400 per day.
Suggested days of training: 1 day to use and 1 day to set up your database, it desired.

Required Software

Approved AutoCAD Versions:

AutoCAD 2015
AutoCAD 2014
AutoCAD 2013
Autodesk Building Design Suites

AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 360 are not supported


Description Price Support/Updates
HydraCAD-R™ for AutoCAD $2000 $60/month - Updates and Support

Support and Updates

Hydratec's support plan is the strongest in the industry. You have the choice of full support or updates only support. The support and updates plan includes all upgrades for that product.

The full plan also includes phone and email support. Minor and major upgrades are available 24 hours a day on this Website. Our support technicians are sprinkler designers or the actual programmers of the software and will respond promptly to your problems. Our support price does not go up when you add additional systems.

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